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Homestead Fire Mitigation, LLC

Strength In Stewardship!

Wildfire Survival Bunkers


Structures can be replaced, but lives cannot.  What happens when you or loved ones can't or won't evacuate? 


Our Wildfire Survival Bunkers are the best option when you are facing your last option! 

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Our Specialized Experience


For over 30 years our specialized background has helped clients gain piece of mind. 

With tens-of-thousands of hours logged operating and managing forest resources, we're confident in our ability to help our clients succeed.  Our experience culminated in academia, our forests, our fire lines and airspace; from Alaska to Florida...including much of provincial Canada.

Join the growing number of Coloradans who trust our services!

Skin In The Game - Celebrating 30+ Years of Specialized Experience!



Our Story

Immediately after his military tour, Jon Frisch (owner) began working our National Forest's overkill, prior to his Smokejumper selection.  Jon's backdrop in forestry, fuels management, perpetuity logging, arboriculture and advanced fire behavior will help you choose the right service or training package, that best suits your needs.

 There's a new paradigm shift in the way we choose to confront wildfire.

Fuels Reduction doesn't have to be overwhelming...we can help!


More About Stewardship - Less About Sponsorship

Because we choose to live amidst excessive fuel loading and drought (i.e. proliferation of tree disease, insect infestation and climate change), it's more important than ever to employ asymmetrical problem solving.  Critical knowledge that can only be gained through actual - skilled experience.  HFM helps clients choose the best course of action for their home, property, and budget.  An authentic approach in today's climate crisis.        


HFM bridges gaps between local hearsay, amateur guidance and trendy protocols.  We explain forestry and how it relates to wildland fire - your property - your goals.

Our Services, Wildfire Shelters, and More!


And More...

HFM provides a full quiver of service options to meet our clients needs.  To receive an estimate or scheduled consultation, please contact us with the right services in mind.  We are licensed, bonded, insured and happy to answer any questions or provide relevant documentation. 

Ethical - cost effective services built from the ground up!




What Our Clients Are Sharing 

Providing fuels mitigation services is not as easy as one would think.  Once we (or anyone) begin removing trees, operations can take on a whole new meaning.  Most of us have an affinity for trees, and are use to protecting our old growth timber, while reveling through our National Parks.


Trees provide shade, privacy, and the esthetics we all come to know and love.  But fire mitigation is not landscaping.  The proper dialogue must be created for us to provide value, while ensuring clients are satisfied with their investment.  Trust is literally everything is this line of work.    

Contact us for your professional consultation today!


Disabled Veteran Outreach



HFM Helps Disabled Veterans Get Started!

Are a Service-Disabled Veteran? Would you like help getting started with your fuels reduction? We would be glad to help!  We understand privacy, trust, and wanting to make the right connections with other DV's.  We also get good days and bad days, and the challenges that go along with them.


Together, we can develop a training schedule that fits your goals, and gets you started on a rewarding stewardship path, that connects you to your land, while breathing life back into your soul!  We offer discounts for our training and services plans, for all DV's.   

Contact us for your Veteran to Veteran consultation today!

Big or Small - Trusted Private or Commercial Services



Create Your Own Fuels Reduction Program! 

Training designed to focus on our client's specific needs regarding safety, production, and enjoyment.  Save time, money, and resources without having to travel.  We can focus on your home turf.  Assemble the whole family, neighbors or even the community.  Whatever it takes to help our ecosystem meet its Ideal Basal Area.  Stewardship is one of the most powerful roads you will ever travel on!


   Expert skill and knowledge shared and taught, to help standardize your goals.  Save time, money and resources in the process!  Force multiplication - expert training that focus's on landscape resiliency, while systematically turning you (the client) into a bona fide steward!


Tactical - Operational training and management, developed and perfected by BLM Smokejumper Operators, designed to safely maximize confidence, prowess, and production.  So stop with the coulda...woulda...shoulda...suit up, get on the aircraft, and jump into a whole new dimension of possibilities! 

We come fully equipped with all the latest and greatest gadgets, tools and tricks of the trade, and professional safety equipment to get you moving.  Ask about our references, qualifications, and waivers too!

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