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Chainsaw Starter Cord/ Rope Replacement

Starter rope replacement will save you $25.00 in fees.  It takes (roughly) 15 minutes to replace and maintain your starter rope assembly.  These directions revolve around the Stihl® Elasto Start replacement, but if you can tie a knot and not burn yourself with a Bic® lighter, you're golden with (virtually) every other brand.  Follow the slide-show and written regimen below to learn more about starter rope replacement, and preventative maintenance.  For professional chain sharpening services or instruction, please contact me directly.

  1. Remove starter - pull cord assembly from chainsaw body (See Image 1).

  2. Assembly removed (See Image 2).

  3. Remove old starter cord (See Image 3).

  4. Ensure new starter cord (raw end) is melted to prevent fraying (See Image 4).

  5. Feed melted cord end down through top of starter pull handle (See Images 5).

  6. Pull starter cord taught, locking plastic ferrel, and push cord top into handle - locking plastic washer (See Image 6).  

  7. Feed starter rope through top grommet of assembly (See Images 7).

  8. Feed starter rope through starter - recoil assembly (See Image 8).

  9. Tie a overhand knot leaving 1/4" of running end (See Image 9). 

  10. Melt running end of rope to prevent fraying - don't burn your fingers (See Image 10)

  11. Seat rope running end into recoil assembly flush (See Image 11).

  12. Pull all rope slack through starter assembly (See Image 12).

  13. Wind starter rope (while rotating recoil assembly) clock-wise, until rope is taught (See Image 13).

  14. Pull test starter rope while inspecting the tension - adjust as needed (See Image 14).  

  15. Re-assemble starter assembly to fan housing, use Loctite® 242-243 and torque each 4 bolt at 7 Nm.  For more information on starter rope replacement or any of my other professional services, please contact me directly.

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