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Bunker Information


Homestead Fire Mitigation, LLC is located in Durango, Colorado.  We welcome clients throughout the Western United States.  When wildfire threat is imminent, and you are running out of options, our Wildfire Survival Bunker will be your last option!

Contact us today for pricing, availability, and client support.

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Bunker Site Exigence

  • Distance from main dwelling, physical condition of occupants, and surrounding combustibles.

  • Fuels, weather, and topography.  What is your existing fuels type and loading, predominant wind direction, slope, terrain, and aspect?

  • Ingress/egress to and from your bunker selection.  HFM offers site preparation, prior to bunker installation.


  • All local permits and underground utility locations are the clients responsibility, prior to installation. 

Bunker Selection

  • We recommend 30' to 100' of setback, from main dwelling to bunker.  Your escape route should be easy to navigate, while under stress, and free from obstacles.

  • Consideration to property easements regarding HOA and County setback guidelines.

  • Fuels management should include defensible spacing, regarding Home Impact Zone (HIZ), and bunker area.

Bunker Installation

  • Excavate your 6-Person Bunker hole 94" X 118", and at a depth of 55".  Excavate your 10-Person Bunker hole 118" X 199", and at a depth of 110". 

  • Remember to place your hatch location, 180° away from the predominant wind direction.

  • Do Not over excavate!  The bunker bottom must be level with no large rocks present.  Bunker sidewalls must also be free of any larger rocks, to maintain integrity and warranty

Bunker Installation Backfill

  • Back filling around the Bunker should be done with caution.  Heavy equipment may damage the bunker and void the warranty.

  • Maintain a 6' safety distance away from the bunker, at all times.  Damaging the bunkers will void the warranty.

  • In snow country, ensure to shut inside vents, and cover outside vents and hatch, to protect against damage.


Let's Work Together

Our 2022 Wildfire Survival Bunker availability revolves around first come - first serve rotation, with site preparation readied for Bunker installation.

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