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New And Existing Owner Cancellations?

If your home and property are surrounded by forest, or you have poor ingress/egress road system, or you're located on a steep slope you may be in additional trouble!  Wildfire has always been a part of our natural landscape and with a century of suppressing them we now have an unbalanced excess.

Prevention or Reaction?


Our Communities Have Waited Far Too Long!


Insurance companies acknowledge this behavior and they are reexamining their protocols within the WUI.  Bottom line... if you live in a high risk area, and have not managed your property's fuel loading to accepted levels, you may be on your carriers radar.  Insurance companies are using satellite imaging algorithms to enhance their predictions regarding your location.  Factor in fuels, weather, and topography, and your chances dwindle.  So what can you do?


  • Schedule a home assessment.  It's possible your community offers a free service (we can help with this).  Find out where you stand and take corrective measures to increase your success.

  • Call you insurance company.  Find out if your community is at risk - find out if you can up your coverage due to expanding materials cost and slow supply chain trends.

  • Be open to possibilities - be open to change.  For those of us that choose to live in the WUI it has always come with a price.  Collectively we can not wait any longer to act.  Take a minute and think about your most important asset and the positive and negative impacts wildfire may have on your future.  For most people their home is where their precious memories are made.     

We help clients prepare their properties for insurance coverage success!

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